CEO/Co-Founder Qarark

CEO/Co-Founder - Qarark

6/1/2013 - 4/1/2015


Qarark is an online platform that helps high school and university students in making the right academic decisions (such as choosing university major) based on their personality, interests, abilities and market opportunity.

High school students always have issue in choosing their university major, getting university major’s info, find scholarships and taking academic decisions.
Based on our research, we found out that:
• 75% don’t know what to study, 90% don’t have any information about university majors details.
• 40% - 60% of students change their major after the first year.

Qarark use data to help students better understand what courses of study and career paths match best their skills, goals and available opportunities in the market.
Qarark do this by using a combination of historical data (e.g. past grades, tests scores … etc.), information about their personality, interests and market research (covering jobs, salaries … etc.)
Qarark algorithm analyzes all of this information to give the students a clear picture of the optimal path for them. Qarark also connect them with the suitable universities and scholarship programs.
So think about it, Qarark got all of this information about the students that the universities never had access to before.

Job Description (CEO & CTO):
1- Software development
2- Business Analysis
3- Marketing strategy
4- User Acquisition
5- Social Media Marketing
6- Search Engine Optimization

1- ASP.Net (C# and MVC)
3- HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery

1- Visual studio (2013)
2- Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.